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Firearm Safety Course

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Firearms Safety Course Instructions

To receive a certificate, participants must view each lesson and complete a lesson review before proceeding to the next lesson. After completing all lessons,
participants must complete a certificate exam. If desired, participants can complete a portion of the training and return at a later time to complete the remaining sessions. After completion, participants can also review lessons at any time.

To complete the training:

  1. 1. After viewing the Introduction, press Mark Complete and proceed to Lesson 1.
  2. After viewing the first lesson, click on the Lesson 1 Learning Review and
    answer the review questions.
  3. Click Review Summary to view whether or not questions were answered
  4. Click Finish Review to record your results.
  5. Participant can choose to press Click Here to Continue to move to the next lesson, or if they wish to further review the lesson, they can click View the Questions or Restart Review.
  6. Once participant presses Click Here to Continue, and check mark should appear next to the lesson number, signifying completion.
  7. Complete Steps 2 through 6 until Lessons 1 through 6 are completed.
  8. After completing Lesson 6 and the corresponding Lesson Review, view the Conclusion and press Mark Complete.
  9. Complete the Certificate Exam and after achieving a score of 80 percent, press Print Your Certificate.
  10. If participant needs to print a certificate at a later time, Log in and download and print a certificate.